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Zoning & Development Laws In California

Construction or land use of any kind is strictly regulated in California. Title 7 of the California Planning, Zoning, and Development Laws state that any type of regional planning or local planning must comply with zoning regulations, both for the state and for the particular county and city. All zoning laws, regulations and applications for the city of Corona can be found through the city's planning division.

Whether you are interested in adding to your home, building a wall, or constructing any type of structure, it is important for you to know all of the regulations and to abide by them. The best way to guarantee that you do so is to hire a skilled Corona attorney to advise you throughout the process. Sometimes it is necessary to go to court to make an appeal regarding your plans, which means that you will need an attorney to represent you.

Why Hire a Land Use Attorney?

At Clayson, Bainer & Saunders, PLC, our business was established in 1910, and you can be sure that we will put this experience to work for you if you choose to work with us. Throughout our many years of practice, we have helped thousands of clients through various legal matters in the past, and we know how to approach your case to help you pursue the legal action that you need. Whether you are facing a contract dispute, a transactional issue, purchase or sales issues, or many others, you can be sure that we will work to help you pursue a favorable outcome to the situation that you face.

One major element that we implement in each case that we handle is client access and communication. We believe in the necessity for our clients to be able to get in touch with us when issues arise, or when they have various questions regarding the situation that they face. Your situation is important to us; let us put our many years of experience to work for you! At Clayson, Bainer & Saunders, PLC, we have represented clients for residential and regional zoning and land use cases since 1910. Derrill Yaeger, a partner with the firm in earlier years, is one of the most well-known attorneys with the firm due to his leadership in planning and development that helped make Corona one of the fasted growing cities in the state in the late 60's. Today, our legal team regularly represents applicants for zoning and land use approvals and could help you in obtaining the rights to move forward with your project.

Consult with a Corona Real Property & Land Use Attorney

Contact our offices today for a consultation to learn how a lawyer from our firm could counsel and represent you. Having been firmly established in Corona for 109 years, we have a thorough understanding of the city's zoning and development laws. With our help, you could get started on your building or remodeling project as quickly and smoothly as possible.