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Employers' & Workers' Rights in California

As an employer, you are required to follow specific procedures regarding your employees, your services, safety and health precautions, and more. Likewise, you have certain rights regarding your relationships with your employees, as well as in termination. If you are an employee, you are also required to obey state laws regarding your behavior, and you also have certain rights. These include benefits, rest periods, and more. To learn more about employments laws for employers and/or workers, consult with a Corona attorney today.

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Clayson, Bainer & Saunders, PLC is one of the oldest firms in the Inland Empire, having been rooted in the Corona community since 1910. That means that, for more than 106 years, our firm has represented employers and employees in legal cases and helped them defend their rights. Our attorneys are more than capable of providing assistance in any of the following areas:

  • Workers' compensation
  • Rest period violations
  • Wrongful termination
  • Benefits
  • Nonprofit employment law

The success of your company could be jeopardized by an employee's wrongful claim if you do not properly defend yourself. You must also be sure to hire excellent representation in case you need to legally terminate a worker's employment. If you are an employee, an attorney is your best means of obtaining the compensation you deserve after a workplace injury or of ensuring adequate wages, benefits, etc. Call our offices today for more information.

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As an AV® rated firm, we are more than capable of providing the best possible legal representation. Our firm is more than a century old and has gained a reputation for excellence and success. Find out for yourself by scheduling an appointment!